Are you doing it right now? How to avoid becoming a hunchback.

Long hours in front of a computer or sitting at a desk force the spinal column out of its normal gentle curves into an ugly stoop. This is called hunchback or “kyphosis”. Of course, the aesthetic problems are obvious. Not only do you appear older, you sag with the pain in the neck, back or shoulders, but the cost you pay when you don’t sit right is astounding!

The lazy person’s way to fitness

The mantra today is fitness. But does that mean heavy weight lifting and endless crunches? What if you happen to be the kind of person who turns pale at the very word “gym”? Is a workout indispensable for fitness?

A real pain in the neck? Call us for help.

Your neck is very mobile, but carries a lot of weight considering its complex structure and vital functions. Thus it can be easily strained. For instance, a whiplash injury is extremely common in vehicle accidents. Other reasons for neck pain are degenerative conditions of the cervical spine or muscle strain due to poor posture whether you are standing, sitting or even in bed. General wear-and-tear can also play a big part.

Nail your new year health resolutions!

The excitement of a new year can often lead one down a path of setting superhero goals. This is the reason why your local gym car park is always full in January; you would have no trouble finding a spot by March or April.

10 Healthy Holiday Tips

Before you know it, it’s that time again! It can be hard to maintain healthy habits with temperatures hovering at the extremes and the abundance of comfort foods… But we’re here to help. Read these Healthy Holiday Tips to help you stay on track this season!

Moving beyond pain medication

A prescription painkiller could make a big difference for those suffering from acute pain. But is it absolutely necessary to put these chemicals into your body? Can they cause harm? At what point do the disadvantages outweigh the benefits?

Just how bad is your posture?

Your posture says a lot about your health. Your neck pain, headaches, back twinges and persistent tiredness could all be pointing to one thing: Poor posture.

Is your smartphone trying to hurt you?

Sadly, incessant cell phone use has been linked to increased tension and numerous repetitive strain injury (RSI), in up to 83% of users in some studies!

Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression:

Take the first step toward reclaiming your life against back pain.