The lazy person’s way to fitness

The mantra today is fitness. But does that mean heavy weight lifting and endless crunches? What if you happen to be the kind of person who turns pale at the very word “gym”? Is a workout indispensable for fitness?

Fortunately, no. Witness the generations past who preserved a slim figure, had lasting muscle and stamina, lived healthy to past 90 and remained active till their last days – before gyms were invented!

Many studies show that fifty-somethings who were fit had a significantly reduced risk of various diseases which leave most sufferers crippled after 65, including stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, heart and kidney disease, and various cancers. Those guys are on to something!

Start with a good diet

There are countless articles online about what makes a good diet, but it’s really simple. Eat fresh, balanced and in moderation. Avoid processed foods. If it comes packaged off a production line, chances are it is processed.

Drink enough water. It goes without saying.

Start moving more

If you’re too lazy to work out, start by getting more movement into your day. Our ancestors hardly sat around! Washing your windows or merely wiping them sparkling clean, vacuuming your carpet and under the sofa, shopping and bringing in your groceries, decluttering your cabinet, scrubbing down your bathroom walls and tub, raking your yard, mowing your lawn, cleaning your kitchen sink and counters, rough-housing with your kids, planting a few new flowers – just move more. It will all add up.

If you like your TV, simply make it a rule to walk around the room during the ads. Get off the elevator early and take the stairs for last 2 floors. Park your car a block away. Walk your children to and from school… See what works for you and build on it; it doesn’t need to be a daunting exercise regimen!

But when you are ready for more structured exercise, start a few basic exercises at a time. Later you can work up to a low-medium intensity exercise at 15-minutes three times a week. Regularity is important. Speak with us at Back Pain and Posture Clinic to organise an exercise plan to suit your needs.

So take heart and start moving without “exercise”. Watch what you eat, how much you eat, when and why you sit and take tiny steps to build active habits. Before you grow tired of it you’ll be on the lazy person’s road to fitness!

Health benefits of swimming

Swimming is one of the most all-round physical activities you will find. Swimming can be either an aerobic or anaerobic exercise depending on a variety of factors. Your fitness, the intensity of your workout and the duration of your swim can affect whether your body utilizes oxygen, which is the main difference. Aerobic and anaerobic workouts have their perks, but understanding each and the correct way to utilize them will benefit your fitness.

Water’s density produces a floating effect that decreases the load on your joints. Your body weight reduces by about half when you’re waist-deep in water. This makes exercise easier for people with joint problems.

Swimming lengthens your body and drives your arms and legs through greater range of motion, increasing your flexibility. Interval training through swimming is a wonderful way to gain uniform muscle strength and tone up your whole body.

Due to the increased water resistance, every arm and leg stroke takes more energy. You could burn serious calories and awaken the muscles you never knew you had.

Swimming can also help asthma sufferers, since it teaches you how to breathe properly, as well as increasing your lung volume.

Of course, like any exercise, swimming increases the efficiency of your heart function and releases numerous brain chemicals which elevate your moods.

So why wait? Let’s get into the pool!

Quick tip

Make sure you stretch daily. Stretching relieves tension from your muscles, improves circulation, increases flexibility, improves balance, and more.


Self-delusion is pulling in your stomach when you step on the scales.

~ Paul Sweeney

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