Core exercise for fab abs and a strong back

Is your tummy blocking your view of your toes? Does your back always hurt? Are you always tired? Do you have a bad posture? Do you frequently lose your balance?

If so, it’s not just strong abs that you need. What you probably lack is a strong core. If your core muscles are weak or inefficient, movements lack smoothness and require more energy.

Your torso, the central pillar of your body, is the part between your shoulders and your hips. Every single movement of your body flows from this core. It’s covered with layers of muscle, running in different directions. Most of these muscles actually start contracting before you even move. This stiffens and stabilizes the spine, pelvis and hips. Thus you have a stable, strong, and fixed base from which powerful movements can take place without loss of balance, stress or tiredness.

The muscles at the back keep your spine upright and let you bend in different directions. In front of the abdomen are the muscles which help you bring your rib cage towards your pelvis. Behind these are the oblique abdominal muscles that rotate the torso and to flex your spine to one side. The deepest of all, are the transverse abdominal muscles. These tighten your belly just before you start to bend or lift something. We can show you just how these core muscles protect you.

Core muscles hold your abdomen tight and support your spine against gravity. They improve your posture and help you look confident with a good posture! Core muscles also help you to bend or sit for long hours without back pain, twist, stretch and lift without injury.

Different to exercises that are typically prescribed for strength training, core exercises keep the action of the hip flexors (which bring the hips up to the abdomen) to a minimum during a workout. Core exercise also restores the normal curves of your backbone and lets you distribute your weight evenly, keeping a good posture. Proper core training restores strength, flexibility and efficiency to your abdominal and back muscles. It lets you use other powerful muscles from a fixed base, without disturbing your balance or centre of gravity.

Whatever your workout for strong abs, you need a good core foundation. So call us for an appointment or visit us at our clinic. Our experienced and helpful staff will enjoy showing you the right technique to firm up your core, flatten your abs and strengthen your back.

7 snack ideas to supercharge your daily workout

With these healthy foods to power your workout, you won’t stop! Happy exercising!

1. A cup of fresh fruit like melon, berries, papaya or pineapple chunks with natural yoghurt.

2. A ready-made protein/dried fruit bar adds convenience when you just don’t have the time to whip up your own snack. Just make sure it’s low in sugar!

3. How about a veggie omelette? A cup of seasonal veggies with a couple of beaten eggs.

4. Sports drinks with low sugar content. Add a scoop of protein powder for more energy!

5. Fresh salad greens, tossed with a hint of low-fat dressing or vinegar, with a boiled egg to hearten it up.

6. Wholemeal toast with peanut butter and fruit.

7. The classic smoothie, with a cup of frozen fruit, protein whey powder and a scoop of oats.

Quick tip

If you take the bus, get off one stop earlier and walk the rest of the way. Get the taxi to drop you a little before than your destination. This is a great way of getting in a daily walk.


Physical fitness can neither be achieved by wishful thinking nor outright purchase.

~ Joseph Pilates

Funny thought of the day

Beanbags are boneless chairs.

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