Scar tissue and muscle adhesions

Scar tissue and muscle adhesions can be a major cause of dysfunction in athletes and people who are very active. Swimming, bowling and computer use are some activities that eventually lead to muscle adhesions as a result of overuse. These muscle adhesions cause pain and stiffness and may also restrict range of motion. Scar tissue, which helps the body to heal, creates other problems by replacing the healthy tissue and shortening the muscles. This is seen in burn patients where the joint becomes contracted, making movement painful and difficult.

A common result of muscle adhesions is carpal tunnel syndrome, an overuse injury, in which the median nerve in the hand becomes entrapped beneath the adhesions, causing pain, numbness and tingling. In some cases the doctor may order a splint to be worn at nights to keep the hand in a resting position. Ultrasound and icing are beneficial to relieve pain, followed by strengthening exercises when the pain and inflammation have been brought under control. A physiotherapy evaluation of your job site and the way you use the equipment, can uncover problems which may be causing your symptoms.

Physiotherapy can help get rid of tendonitis and other disabling conditions associated with scar tissue and muscle adhesions through various types of soft tissue massage. Heat is often incorporated into the treatment to allow blood to flow to the area, thus promoting healing. The injury site should then be stretched and strengthened through a program of graded exercises to keep the joint flexible and prevent injury.

Direct myofascial release, another form of massage, can also help get rid of adhesions by stretching the fascia, or band of tissue beneath the skin, and causing the muscle to elongate. If you suffer from pain and decreased range of motion and suspect that muscle adhesions may be causing the problem, know that physiotherapy can provide long, lasting relief.

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