Is life in the 21st century giving you a headache?

Headaches during work, or keeping you awake at night, robbing you of rest and relaxation can be real frustrations. If on top of a stressful or tiring day you can’t get to sleep, you can feel like a limp rag the next day. Not only does it impact on you, but also your immediate family and friends.

Of course, an occasional headache is no big deal. But frequent bad headaches and migraines with any symptom to do with your nerves or muscles or movement warrant a thorough checkup from a physiotherapist.

Accurate diagnosis is important to guide the correct treatment and management of headache disorders. Head pain can have many causes, not just a migraine. Correctly identifying the cause will lead to better treatment.

Most headaches aren’t deadly but they can be very difficult to work around. They are commonly caused by irritation of the nerves or muscles around the brain and head.

If your headaches are due to emotional tension, learn to identify people or situations which are stressing your health. Just reviewing your life can help you take control and calm your mind. You may need to make lifestyle changes.

Headaches that are caused by disorders of the neck or physical tension can be successfully treated with physiotherapy. Does the pain radiate from the back to the front of your head? Do you feel dizzy or light-headed? Is your headache brought on or worsened by neck movement or staying in the same position for a long time? Is your headache eased by pressure to the base of your skull? If so, give us a call on +(353)-87-295-9662 and make an appointment. Our physiotherapists can identify the cause of your headaches and lay out an effective treatment plan.

Laugh your way to better health!

Laughter makes the world go around! But if it’s yourself you’re laughing at, be prepared for the world to join you.

More seriously, laughing has been proven to be a marker of several important life markers, including:

  • A happy marriage.
  • A longer life with less chance of fatal heart disease, dementia, high blood sugar or pressure, and cancer.
  • A happy social network.
  • Higher ability to bear pain or distraction from pain – sick people reported that watching a comedy or laughing heartily at funny jokes worked much better at deflecting pain than painkillers.
  • Stress relief and a healthier heart rate, blood pressure and blood vessel tone.

So laugh as often and as heartily as you can. You’ll enjoy life and health all the better for it!

Quick tip

Try having one evening per week where you resolve not to turn the television on. Go for a walk, read a book or go meet friends instead. Chances are you won’t really miss your TV that much. If you’re game, also ditch your smartphone, laptop or tablet during your personal time.


I’m not out there sweating for three hours every day just to find out what it feels like to sweat.

~ Michael Jordan

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