Introduction to Yoga

Yoga is a science rooted in Eastern philosophy that stresses the interrelationship of body and mind. Its unique poses and breathing patterns are known to produce myriads of health benefits in young and old alike. The Western world has embraced Yoga to the extent that classes are taught almost everywhere and books, tapes and DVDs can be purchased by those unable to attend a class.

What is it about Yoga that has made it so immensely popular? Proponents of Yoga contend that it promotes spiritual and physical healing, combats stress and stress-related illnesses, and best of all, helps you lose weight. People lose weight quickly and almost effortlessly through consistent practice of the Yoga postures or “asanas” as they are called. In fact, just ten minutes of Yoga a day, without incorporating any diet plan, will trim and tone your body and provide more energy than you can get from any pill.

Because Yoga has so many wide-reaching benefits, many doctors who scoff at alternative medicine are now recommending Yoga to their patients. People who suffer from allergies, heart conditions, back pain, sinus conditions and some types of arthritis are turning to Yoga for relief. Athletes and others recovering from injury find that Yoga stretches restore flexibility to joints and help maintain fitness. Those who are fit practise Yoga to help boost their energy and increase their overall performance.

Yoga incorporates the art of meditation and deep breathing, which produces a feeling of calmness and peace of mind. By breathing deeply, the body receives a better supply of oxygen to replenish the cells, provide energy and fight off diseases. Yoga also provides beauty benefits. Through the practice of Yoga, a person’s skin, hair and nails are nourished and revitalised with the proper intake of oxygen.

If you are lacking in energy and vitality or are overweight but for some reason cannot get into a regular exercise program ask your physiotherapist about Yoga.

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