7 fitness blunders – and how to avoid them

Even if you don’t have a perfect body, you need to be healthy enough that you can live and move with ease and efficiency. But the path to fitness is littered with obstacles. Read on to find out some of the most common roadblocks and how you can get over them. Then call us – we’d be delighted to help you deal with them!

Lack of time

Include movement and activity into your daily routines. Don’t drive when you can walk. Take the stairs. Do squats while watching TV at nights.

You don’t like exercise

Grow flowers, walk your dog or do whatever gets you moving. Paint a mental picture of the level of health and enjoyment that you’d love to have.

Lack of money

It doesn’t cost wads of money to get fit. Anyone can tone up with minimum fuss and no special equipment. Focus on right exercises and technique, rather than tools. We can help you get started.

Boring routines

Enjoy your playtime! Get the fun back into working out. Change up your routine every few weeks. Learn new exercises or do more reps. Join a group class or challenge a friend. Don’t get stuck in a rut.

Expecting instant results

Health won’t come overnight. Fitness is not a fix, it’s a lifestyle. If you cut out the excuses and resist the craving for instant gratification, you’ll learn a new way of living. And don’t try to do too much too soon. Start easy and concentrate on good technique first.


Do you head for the gym on weekends just because you don’t really feel like household chores? Bursts of weekend activity are never going to get you to where you want to be. Instead, commit yourself to regular and frequent activity, no matter how small you start.

Lack of motivation

Think of one activity you always longed to do but never had the strength or courage for. Re-imagine it over and over. Can you actually see yourself doing it? Now you know what you’re aiming for. Set your workout steps to achieve it. And savour the glow of wellbeing that comes with each workout.

If you’re still struggling to get fit, come see us at Back Pain and Posture Clinic. We’ll help you understand what’s going on and how to get results!

Carbohydrate myths

When it comes to weight control, carbohydrates get a bad rap. In the past, fats were the bad boy, driven mostly by misinformation. However, the truth is in finding the right dietary balance; not indiscriminately excluding a key macronutrient.

The real problem with carbs is that we often don’t know what a portion should look like. So we eat way too much of it. If you’re not pairing carbs with fats or proteins, you probably won’t feel full.

Bread and pasta are not the enemy. Again, it’s the portions and the type of grains you pick that kill your weight-loss goals.

Pick a whole-grain option whenever possible, which has more fiber to keep you feeling fuller for longer. Whole-wheat bread, brown rice, ancient grains like quinoa and bulgur are good options. At the store, choose bread with five grams of fiber per slice.

Get the right kind of carbs by cutting out processed goods, sugary drinks, sweets, and packaged / convenience foods from your diet; they’re all packed with empty carb calories. Starchy veggies (potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash, corn, and lentils) and fresh fruit have more fiber.

Unless you have specific dietary requirements or allergies, carbs are a good source of fuel your body. Don’t throw them out; instead, focus on healthy carbs and a balanced diet.

Quick tip

Taking short, brisk walks throughout the day is a great way to keep your energy levels high, boost your mood, and shed weight. One of the common arguments people give for not exercising is that they don’t have time – well, anyone can squeeze in a few short 10 minute walks each day!


The only disability in life is a bad attitude.

~ Scott Hamilton

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