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Tips on improving your health

Vigilance is the key to a fantastically healthy life

Remember the saying, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."?

Health care systems in many governments world-wide are straining under increasing demands. An aging populations, internal inefficiencies and financial restraints all conspire to bring things to a screeching halt.

However, a larger story may be the poor personal health habits of many citizens. Thanks to pharmaceutical dependency ("pill popping"), lack of physical exercise and disregard for basic nutritional requirements, we are the authors of our own demise. No hospital or drug will save us if we continue to abuse or neglect our bodies.

Instead of blaming your parents, the government or environmental factors for your ills, why not step back and see how you can improve your life? Do you smoke or consume alcohol on a regular basis? If so, you are a leading candidate for cardiovascular disease, various cancers and other serious illnesses. You don't eat properly? Time to check if you are overweight, underweight or susceptible to diabetes and cholesterol.

Trouble is, it has become too easy to ignore daily warning signs, especially if we know people who live long lives with various vices. However, that's the catch. Health vigilance is an ongoing activity. Sure it's OK to indulge your palate and take a day off from from your health routine now and then. However, personal discipline will determine your quality of life - as well the burden that you will place on your country's healthcare system in the future.

Our relative youthfulness defends us against many ills, but we cannot rely on youth forever. Unfortunately, by the time we are finally driven to seek professional help, it's often too late.

It may take years or decades for obvious disease symptoms to appear. So what's the best way to lead a healthy life and prevent premature illnesses? There are many individual paths to follow, but they all share common themes:

  • Address ongoing injuries and pains that limit your movement.
  • Regular physical movement every day (minimum thirty minutes) that includes both cardiovascular and resistance exercises.
  • A heart-healthy diet that allows you to lose weight, look great, and live longer.
  • Reduction or elimination of tobacco and alcohol consumption.

Everyone encounters various aches and pains, but the way we deal with them and what we do proactively to keep them away is what determines our quality of life. Don't let nagging injuries drag on to the point where they become chronic. Make an appointment with us on +(353)-87-295-9662 for expert care, advice and peace of mind.


Quick tip

Dance, dance, dance. There is nothing like some good music to lift your energy levels and get you moving. Turn on your favourite tunes and boogie away.


Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live.

~ Jim Rohn


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