How can yoga help your lower back pain?

Yoga is an ancient art of exercising body, spirit and mind. It has been improving and healing backs of millions of people for thousands of years – keeping them strong, young, flexible, and back pain free. Yoga exercises can be immensely beneficial for both your overall and spinal health, and in our Drogheda’s lower back pain clinic we employ numerous yoga methods for lower back and neck pain alleviation.

We have modified a lot of yoga sequences (vyniasa’s) to suit specific lower back conditions, and over the years they have benefited many lower back pain sufferers, and returned them the ability to enjoy back pain free life. We have also realised that the best way to help someone to stop their back pain is an exercise regimen personally tailored for their specific condition. That may include modified yoga, Pilates, and physical therapy approaches all aligned with helping your specific back pain condition – whether it is the slipped disc, lumbago, or facet joint arthritis.

At this stage in our Drogheda clinic we are designing custom yoga sequences for our clients to benefit their own lower back health and alleviate pain. It is not the same as going to a yoga class where a group of people performing a broad spectrum of yoga asanas (postures). It is a personal yoga-based treatment regimen tailored to back pain sufferer’s specific requirements, aimed to stop the lower back pain and sciatica, and maintain the pain free life.

A word of caution:

  • Not all yoga forms are safe for your spine; some advanced exercises may damage your back and put your spinal health at risk.
  • The most common yoga injuries are to the knees and wrists – then to the spine.
  • Yoga doesn’t injure a person, person’s ‘ego’ does that, – by wanting to do too much, too soon, people put themselves at risk. Everyone has their own pace, and if you are planning to practice yoga – take your time and know your limitations.

If you are practicing yoga at our clinic in a safe manner with our instructor experienced in spinal rehabilitation, it very well may become your best choice of exercise that’s out there – our careful professional approach will insure you to benefit fully!

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