Back Problems

Common sense and (increasingly) scientific studies tell us that overweight and obese people have the greatest risk of back problems and the worst recovery rate. A patient’s fear of movement and a lack of exercise are major factors that prevent genuine recovery. In effect, we have a vicious cycle of back issues and inactivity which usually leads to more severe and chronic problems:

  • Severe ligament and muscle strain in the lower back.
  • Excess abdominal fat that pulls the pelvis permanently forward causing lower back pain.
  • Sciatica from herniated disc, excess pressure on the spinal column.
  • Pinched nerves, rounded back.

Therefore, patients are wise to adopt a two-pronged approach to back pain and spinal column recovery:

  1. A proper weight reduction program to reduce the pressure on the lower back caused by excess belly fat and cellulite around the arms, legs, etc.
  2. A gradual exercise program that initially encourages limited, low-risk movement, followed by more regular rehabilitation exercises as patients become lighter and healthier.

Modest weight loss is widely recommended as a treatment for some types of osteoarthritis, including arthritis of the spine.

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