About us

Back Pain and Posture Clinic Drogheda is specializing in treating painful conditions resulting from an incorrect posture. We work with lower back and neck pain, sciatica, bulging or slipped disc pathologies, muscle imbalances in lumbar-pelvic-hip (LPH) complex, neck and shoulder dysfunctions, ankle, foot, knee injuries, and other painful issues related to a bad posture.

The unique set of skills in Neuromuscular Physical Therapy and Trigger Point massage, Sports Therapy, Orthopaedic Sports and deep tissue massages, Pilates, yoga, and strength conditioning is the reason behind our excellent track record in treating even the most complicated spinal conditions. Combining Neuromuscular Physical Therapy with deep tissue techniques and a condition-specific yoga or Pilates regimen would be an excellent example of how we eliminate many lower back and sciatica problems.

Fibrositis, slipped or herniated disc, degenerative disc disease, sciatica, arthritis of the lower back, facet joint arthropathy, rheumatism, lumbago, and their variations are all successfully treated in our Drogheda clinic with the Functional Spinal Decompression Therapy (F.S.D.T.) – the succsess rate is currently just over the 90% mark and we are constantly working on bettering that.

Our focus goes beyond just eliminating the pain: while treating the acute pain and stopping your agony quickly and effectively, we are actually working on correcting the issue that caused it. With the unique fusion of skills at our disposal we are very versatile in creating the condition-specific treatment protocols that are not only getting you out of pain fast, but also insure your full recovery and no pain in the future.

With easily accessible centre of the Drogheda town location with an ample parking and close to all local amenities, our clinic provides excellent service and long-lasting relief from most posture-related painful conditions.