Hi! At the Back Pain and Posture Clinic we are working hard to give back to community that has given us so much! We’ve been working nearly a decade on our outreach to show people that they can eliminate their back pain and build amazing physiques without buying anything other than a cheap, used yoga mat, a belt, and a wooden block!

With our free content library, free e-books, and this free website, it’s within everyone’s reach, regardless of economic ability to end their back pain for good and build an amazing and healthy physique. We have helped hundreds of people to stop back pain and get in shape that they never dreamed was possible!

No funding and no corporate sponsors – we do everything ourselves. Over the last 8 years we have put over 4,000 hours into developing this free website. It’s not just the time that we have donated to promote healthy and cheap spinal fitness here, it is lots of money too – web hosting, creative design, liability insurance, award t-shirts, video production costs, etc.

At the Back Pain and Posture Clinic we are determined to promote the healthy lifestyle, and drug and surgery free back pain treatment with regular therapeutic spinal exercise, yoga, and Pilates. Unfortunately we can’t afford to run this website without help of generous donors like you. If you can, please continue helping support for so we can continue to help others!

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