Sports Therapy for muscular and joint pain

Approved and tested by most elite professional and amateur sports people this therapy is possibly one of the most straight forward ‘no-nonsense’ approaches for treating most of the painful soft tissue conditions. Invigorating and deep manual techniques and soft tissue manipulations that are strong and might feel a little uncomfortable while performed on you  – are your safest bet for the quick recovery.

In sports, quick recovery is saved time, saved time is saved money, and the stakes are high. From that perspective, the method that works best and quickest for the full sports person’s recovery, allowing them go back competing, will be kept. This is how the Sports Therapy evolved into the set of techniques that are effective, powerful, and get the patient back into action in the shortest time possible.

Good news is that Sports Therapy is not confined to sport anymore. In our practice general public is the main user of Sports Therapy with typical neck and back pains, shoulders, knees, and sprained ankles. Well, if it works for an elite athlete, it should definitely work for you!

The most effective way of using the Sports Therapy is in conjunction with Neuromuscular Physical Therapy (NMPT) and rehabilitative exercise regimen designed specifically for your condition in our clinic.

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