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Tips on improving your health

Before you know it, it's that time again! It can be hard to maintain healthy habits with temperatures hovering at the extremes and the abundance of comfort foods… But we're here to help. Read these Healthy Holiday Tips to help you stay on track this season!

  1. Every year around this time, we crave those staple comfort holiday foods. Sometimes to prepare for the big meal, we skip earlier meals. Don't deprive yourself, to only end up overeating! Grab a healthy snack to keep energised and pace yourself. When it's time for the big meal, fill half of your plate with veggies and salads. This time of year offers heavy calorie-packed foods, so instead of reaching for an extra dinner roll or piling on stuffing, go light on the carbs. It's also a great time to try new vegetables and healthy foods.
  2. Don't let extreme temperatures hinder your exercise routine! Before heading outside, check the forecast. Temperature, and the duration outside, are key factors in planning a safe workout. Dress appropriately.
  3. The shopping season is in full swing; don't exert yourself when hitting the shopping centres. Give yourself plenty of time and avoid the stress. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes. Keep hydrated; take a water bottle with you so you can avoid the over-priced bottles in the food courts.
  4. If you're buying for an athletic person (or want to give yourself a gift), kettlebells, yoga mats and work-out towels are a great idea. You can also puchase yoga or Pilates classes for them.
  5. The holidays can be stressful for many reasons. Discover the reasons why you may be stressed or what the triggers are. Avoid being overwhelmed by identifying priorities, and visualise what's actually important. Remember to slow down and focus on your breathing once in an while.
  6. Falls are a serious hazard this time of year. Be careful when hanging ornaments or retrieving those items that only come out once a year!
  7. Start of fresh in 2019! Book in for a wellness check-up, especially if you are suffering from any pains, ailments or want to start exercising as a part of your new year resolution.
  8. New year resolutions can sometimes be stressful to maintain. Ensure you stick with it, challenge yourself, and register for an event! It could be a run, hike, triathlon, or adventure race — make the commitment now and start your training plan.
  9. Sometimes starting now is the best strategy. Don't wait till the 1st of January to start a new habit. If you are waiting for this magical day, then chances are you haven't quite got the right mindset yet. If you resolve to be healthier / more active / non-smoker etc. it needs to start in your mind first; so why not become that person today? There is a difference between thinking "I am now a non-smoker" versus "I plan to stop smoking in 2019".
  10. One of the best things you can do this time of year for mental and even physical health is to spend time with family and friends and cherish your loved ones.

We wish you a safe and wonderful holidays, and an amazing new year!
Looking forward to seeing you soon and helping you achieve the best physical form possible.

The team at Back Pain and Posture Clinic



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